TUT Bursaries

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  • Sep 12, 2016

tut bursaries

TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) is giving away bursaries and scholarships funding for students with disadvantages. Since November the 28th 2014, TUT has provided such financial assistance with the hope that star and excellent students will be able to complete their studies despite their insufficient funds. The university understands that students should be given the opportunity to improve their lives (as well as their families) through education. Despite their lack of funding, they should be able to continue their dream without further obstruction.

In most cases, TUT gives out scholarships and bursaries to their engineering and science departments. Through the bursaries, the university hopes to reduce dropout numbers as well as retaining the students with excellent academic performance and record. Besides Merit bursaries (bursaries given for academic performance), there are also other bursaries available for the interested candidates, such as sport bursaries, leadership bursaries, and special talents bursaries. Each of them has their own procedures and requirements so anyone interested in applying should know the details. It is important that the interested applicants check out the academic bursary calendars so they are sure about their eligibility. For those interested in applying for TUT bursaries, they are welcomed to visit http://www.tut.ac.za/students/financial/availablefunding/Pages/default.aspx to find out more info.

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4 thoughts on “TUT Bursaries

  1. I visited this website after I saw bursaries application on facebook am willing to be one of the student who will receive this bursary as I applies at TUT institution.. I hope you can help me about the bursary so that I can go to studies next year as I was not able to study this year. Think you..

  2. I’m michael I was raised by a single parent,she woke up everyday making sure that me and mi brother we get something 2eat,n now I think its my turn 2look after my mom,plz help me get the bursary

  3. I raised by 1 parent who is my father and he has nothing to help at this moment so I will really appreciate the bursary if you can help me.

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