University of Limpopo Bursaries

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  • Sep 12, 2016

university of limpopo bursaries

University of Limpopo is offering different types and schemes of bursaries for academically excellent students who come from disadvantaged background or community. The bursaries include Merit Awards, Pretune SIM card, mining qualification authority, and tuition fee for the postgraduate. Bursary for the first year students, for instance, is given based on the academic performance and achievement. Only full time first degree students with above standard academic performance are allowed to apply. Students will only get the full tuition fee. Different standards and requirements are applied to University of Limpopo senior students who want to get the bursary as well. Keep in mind that students already getting other scholarships or awards won’t be considered eligible to get the bursary from the university.

Anyone interested in the postgraduate bursary should remember that the financial assistance is applicable for the first time master and doctoral degree or the first time B.Ed Honours and Honours degree. They should show a satisfying academic performance and achievement within their undergraduate final year and pass at least 60% of the standard. It is important to know the requirements in details. Anyone interested in getting the financial assistance from University of Limpopo can visit and get a detailed info.

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