Dell Young Leaders Bursaries

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  • Sep 13, 2016

dell young leaders bursaries

If you have a dream to pursue your higher education without asking for money from your parent, then young leader dell bursaries is probably the best solution that you can count upon. This bursaries is one of the best bursaries available in the South Africa. There are hundreds of students who have received this bursaries annually. They are selected by their academic performance in the grade 12 of education level. Once you are selected, you will be granted a chance to continue your education in some leading universities in the South Africa. If you are interested at all, here is some more information about the bursaries that you might need to know.

The first thing that we have to know better about the dell young leader bursaries is the majors that the committee will allow you to apply for. In fact, every year, the committee of this bursaries will select 100 students who will be granted this bursaries. They will be granted a chance to study in either University if Pretoria or University of Cape Town. There are some majors that you can apply for when you apply for this bursaries. Some field majors that you can apply for include the Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Education, Construction, Law, Accounting, Technology, or even Medical. The next thing that you also need to know about this bursaries is what this bursaries cover. It covers the tuition fees, study materials needed during your study, and your residence fees.

There are, of course, some requirements that you have to fulfil before you can consider applying for this bursaries. Here is some requirements that you have to fulfil before you can send your application form to the committee.
You have to have valid ID document
You have to be currently pursuing your education at the university of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria
You have to be in their first year of your study within the major suggested by the bursaries
You have to be in need of financial assistance
You have to show good leadership skill
The last one, you have to be a south african student. You will be required to fill in a n application too. You can find out more about the dell young leader bursaries right here at:

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