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Two Minimum Entrance Requirements for Admission to a University of Technology

Admission to a university of technology requires applicants to meet certain minimum entrance requirements. These requirements are intended to ensure that applicants have the necessary academic knowledge and skills to successfully complete their chosen course of study. There are different entry requirements for applicants with a National Senior Certificate (NSC), National Certificate (Vocational), or N3-N6. […]

Shoprite Bursary in Accounting, Information Technology, E-Commerce, and Retail Business Management

The Shoprite Group has opened applications for its comprehensive bursary program for the 2023 and 2024 academic years. The program offers financial assistance to high-achieving students pursuing a degree in various fields, including Accounting, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Retail Business Management, and more. This article will discuss the Shoprite bursary program, its value, and how it […]

Implats Bursary: Supporting Students Pursuing Education in Engineering, Mining, Metallurgy, and Other Fields

Implats Bursary is a scholarship program designed to support South African students who demonstrate academic excellence and are interested in pursuing careers in various fields related to the mining industry. The bursary provides financial assistance to cover tuition and registration fees, accommodation expenses, and other related costs associated with pursuing a university degree. In this […]