Jacob Zuma Foundation Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

jacob zuma foundation bursaries

Jacob Zuma Foundation is a foundation dedicated to develop the skill labor of South Africa through bursaries. It was established in 1995 and this foundation was the project of Jacob G. Zuma’s (now president) desire who wanted to enhance the education of his country. Since it’s funded, there are more chances of fixing the education of South Africa. The fields of studies they offer are Science, Health Science, Law, Commerce, Engineering, Gas, Rail Engineering, Management, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Science, Maritime, Agriculture and lastly, Humanities Studies. As for the requirements, you must be a South African citizens with a valid ID number as a proof. You must be currently in grade 12 or have completed the grade in order to get accepted with great english skill, financially in need, and you must be a diligent student and a hard working one. The documents you must attach are proof of parents’ income, candidates ID document, the academic results in grade 12, along with the curriculum vitae. The bursary is advantageous since it will cover the full tuition fee, prescribed books, accommodation and more that you will find out once you get accepted. Interested to apply? Visit http://www.jacobzumatrust.org.za/ for the Jacob Zuma Foundation bursary program.

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53 thoughts on “Jacob Zuma Foundation Bursaries

  1. My parents have no money to pay for me next year to go to a college or unirvesity and I want to go forward with school and get a degree

  2. my parents are not working and I’d love to continue with my studys and i dont know How will I afford the university fees

    please help me so that I make my parents proud at the end with a degree

  3. I’m michael ngwenya I was raised by a single parent,and she did help me a lot to complete school,so she’s not working,and I still want 2go far with my studies,I’m looking for help!

  4. My parents are currently not working and I want to go further with my studies…… And I help to get my degree next year.

  5. Greetings
    I kindly request the JACOB ZUMA FOUNDATIONS to aid me with financial assistance , I would like to pursue my career of being on of South African Doctors . SO wish, wish this will meet your considerations.

  6. My name is Zuziwe . I hv no paerents to support me ….my father passed away long tym ago 1998. My mother was the one who helped me to study through unisa . Now she passed away last year I real want to carry on with my degree but I cant because I am not working. I wil highly appreciate if I get help for bursary. Thank you

  7. Siphokazi

    Please help I need my to register at Nelson Mandela Metropolitant Univesity in Port Elizabeth for Diploma in Account. 0847228658

  8. my dad dnt hv money for me to further my studies he is a pensioner so am strugling at sckool am tut students so I need financial assistance

  9. Hey I am a 20 year old gentleman that completed his metric in 2015_ with a bachelor due to the fact that I am an orphan I could not continue with fulfilling my dream… I am in need with financial assistance

  10. My name is Reatlehile Sejake my father passed away in 2014 and he was not even looking after us we didn’t even get his money and currently I am doing my final year at the college I still owe some money I need to pay my fees. Please help. Please contact me on 0782965845

  11. Hi my name is Nothando Phili..i hace just passed my matric. ..with allowing to go study for a bachelors degree ..I have no means of studying as my mother is unemploye…i plead with you to help me ..Thank you

  12. my name is nokuphiwa mchunu .I’m from kzn I’ve studied nursing up to a second year.i would like to be assisted with funds to study for another two years .I’m struggling to get a job.I’m certain if I can study these two years and be a registered nurse ,there will be no problems.thank you in advance.

  13. I applied to Sants private institution for grade R learning. I’ve got acceptance letter now please Our President help me to pay for that corse. Im unemployed and my parents not receive enough salary. My number is 0728432011 at Nongoma township

  14. I’m Samukelisiwe Priscilla Mgwaba. I’m studying at university of kwazulu natal for bachelor of education. My cell phone number 0607258191.
    Im already submitted my requirement document but no respondance even to NSFAS. No money for accommodation and books. I’m really suffering.

  15. I passed grade 12 and I have no money to furtherly study please help my dad passed away I only have a single mom who has lots of responsibilities which prevent me from being able to go to college

  16. My name is Hlengiwe Mayise,I live at Esikhawini. I am a UNISA Student I am studying …International Freight Management and Administration for Importers and Exporters.my wish aim is to study a Maritime law.

    My study fees paid by myself but I am not working at the moment ,I am just a TUPPERWARE Demonstrator and that is the only way I use to pay my study fees.

    I am also a breadwinner ,I don’t have working parents. My father past on 1998,and my mother is not working ,and we are the family of six at home,and no one is working.

    I would like ZUMA TRUST to help me with funds to fulfill my dream of continuing with my studies.


  17. I passed my matric with a Bachelor Degree.I am hardworking person.I have a single parent who doesn’t work.We not financially strong. I really want to study in2017 but Finances not so Good.Would appreciate it if Mr Jacob Zuma can help me with a bursary

  18. im doing Business management course, so i am interested on this bursary here are my contact
    : 0782622882 for me information about me

  19. greeting president I’m kindly asking for a scholarship to study business management with all the respect…

  20. Hy am Thobile my childe pass matric last year 2016 i ptray to take he to the college bt l cant aford. a school fees she is a good girl i dont want to see he sufer like this she can end up in a rong thing like drugs or alcohol or pregnent plize i need you help

  21. I don’t have parents,and there’s no one who can help me,when I asking help.I want you to help me Jz foundation,because I want my further to go with my study.HELP ME MY PRESENT.my dreams is I want to be a nurse.because I want to save people’s lives

  22. Dear Mr president Jacob Zuma

    I am struggling to finish my study because am independent,I dont have parents.my mother she pass away and my father two.I need your help my president.I want to reach my goals and finish my study.but I dont have money.I need you to help me with finance or bursaries.

  23. My name is Zama Nkosi from a small town called Nongoma currently in Johannesburg. I finished my grade 12 on 2015 and I applied for school funds such as nsfas but I was not accepted because of my father is working for government. I grew up in the absence of my father he is not surppotive he left my mom,us as his children.My mother is unable to pay for my fees she tried her best for us to have a better education.I’m seeking for help in accommodating me through school fees,accommodation,books and food including registration fee.I applied at TUT for mid year admission for industrial engineering. I want to study further and help my family ,the children of South Africa to have a better future. In this world of God we don’t just get but we need to give as well its like a chain.

  24. i have been checking on this link to apply for funding but i get same response that says your page is been upgrade please send me notification when your upgrade is done

  25. I am a Unisa student doing a 3rd year Bachelor degree of education in intermediate and senior phase I’m struggling for my intuition especially as a place to rent food and transport I could not afford as I had no one to support me.If I could get a bursary to finish this year and next year I will be great.

  26. Hi Im a 3rd year Unisa student doing a bachelor degree of education in intermediate and senior phase I wish to if I can get funded with a busary the easier my life can be as I get support from my mother who is a pensioner.

  27. I am about to finish at school and i might not finish because i do not have money to pay i might got deregistered. i dont have anyone who can pay my college fees for me

  28. I have started university but my parent do not have enough money to pay for my tuition and residence fees…if i don’t pay by the end of June i will be force to go stay at home I passed my metric very well ,with two distintions.

  29. I’m relatho nonkululeko ngonyama. And my mother is a single parents. I graduated at unizulu for public relations .and now I’m doing my PGCE at Unisa so my mother don’t have much to pay for my fees. My number is 0731308339

  30. Dear Sir/Madam

    my name is Vuyisa I’m here to plead for financial assistance for academic year 2017. I passed my matrik last year 2016. I’m a registered student at central university of technology, Bloemfontein. I’m facing financial problems, i really need help there are times where i feel like drop out because sometimes i have to choose either I’m paying rent or buying food one must fall and i owe school on other hand. my mother is only earning income of her sickness, so she can’t afford to pay my fees. I’m from disadvantaged family in rural areas at EC.

    I humble myself to ask for financial assistance I would like to get some help.
    here is my phone no. 0731652387.

  31. I’m Qiniso Dlamini, living in Orange Farm,South of Johannesburg.Im a second year student at UNISA doing Bachelor Degree in Teaching.

    I would like to get a bursary in Teaching because I’ve been applying for Fundza Lushaka and Nfsas but I got rejected.

    I choose teaching because I want to change someone’s life and it’s a calling to me.Ive been a student teacher since 2012 but till now July 2017, I’m not qualified because I’m unable to pay my fees.Please help me.

  32. Good day Sir
    My stepson Bulelani Stebisa need a financial assistance, her father lost his job 5years back, I’m the only family provider , Bulelani passed grade 12 in 2015 with 4 distinction, he could’nt further more to tertiary because he couldn’t get bursay , last 2016 was a gap year, he finally got a bursary from Louis Jr Tshakoane, January this year he paid registration and books only. And I wasn’t aware that he never made another payment to the University of Johannesburg and Res ,I was surprised, I was surprised when I received statement for both accounts . I sent it him, twice but no payment he made, he doesn’t answer my emails, SMS and calls.

    Bulelani wrote his 1st term, but he didn’t recieve results because of this debt. At res they didn’t want to release him because of debt. I’m pleading on you President to assist him, on the 24/07 he’s going back , we are worried that there is a possibility that his student card will be deactivated.

    Please Sir assist him, it break my heart to see him so worried because of financial difficulties we are facing. I can be contacted on 076 589 7371 & he can be contacted on 0815281855

  33. Am having problem am teenage I have no parents I started school on January at tshisimani tvet collage am studying civil engeenering so there is no money for food and rent so I need help can u please help me I don’t wanna drop out

  34. nginabantwana abayikhuthalele imfundo futhi abazimisele kakhulu kepha anginawo amandla okubavulela amathuba . okubafundisa imfundo esezingeni labo . ngingajabula ukuthola uxhaso.

  35. Dear sir/madam

    ngingumzali wabafundi ababili uNqobile no Asande .bobabili benza ibanga lesikhombisa ( grade 7) .bazimisele kakhulu futhi baphumelela ngamalengiso ngaso sonke isikhathi . nginesifiso sokuthi bathole umfundo esezingeni eliphezulu nangendlela abazimisele ngayo kepha amandla enginawo awafinyeleli lapho ngifisa khona . empeleni nendawo esihlala kuyo nabakhulela ngaphansi kwayo akusiyo indawo engakhulela abantwana b amantombazane futhi ayibakhuthazi ukuthi babe nekusasa eliqhakazile . ngiyafisa ukuthola uxhaso lwabantwana bami ukuze kuzofezeka amaphupho abo . kungangijabulisa ukuphumelela kwalesisicelo – 071 797 3050

  36. i registered at dut but i don’t think i will be able to attend the lesson because i don’t have accomodation and flat are expensive and i don’ t have a money to pay for my lessons.I really want help i might even drop out due to money problems

  37. Hi my name is Dikeledi Zuma, I’m currently 17 years old and I’m in college but my biggest problem is that I need help with my school funding my mother can’t afford and it’s hard for her to cope taking care of me and my siblings and my college is quite far from home and I need to find accommodation but again I don’t have the money to afford it. I would really appreciate your help.

  38. Dear sir/ madam my name is mzoxolo zondi and I am a student at Damelin PMB mother can’t afford to pay for my fees any more she lost her livestock because of weather and I am asking for help to finish my financial accounting diploma from Jacob Zuma foundation

  39. I Mkhondweni Luphiwo lennox put forward this request humble requesting your good office to assist me by a busary of Honours in public administration

    1. I Lennox Luphiwo Mkhondweni put forward this request humble requesting your good office to assist by an offer of a busary I want to study my Honours degree in Public Administration at University of Fort hare iam conditionally accepted at the above mentioned educational institution .Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

      My Contact detailes are as follow email luphiwomkhondweni@gmail.com contact no . 0716821505

      Thank you in advance
      Mkhondweni Luphiwo

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