NSFAS Bursaries

NSFAS Bursaries

National Student Financial Aid Scheme or NSFAS for short is one of the organizations that open bursaries to help students continue their educations. The NSFAS funding is proven successful from the facts that the funding has grown from 441 million (1999) to 8.9 billion (2013). That’s a significant change that is worth nothing, right? Absolutely. In order to get the bursary however, you must meet the requirements of these two main requirements though. First of all, only South African student is allowed to apply and you must abide to the rules set by the university you have chosen and you also must submit the proof of acceptance at the university of your choice as well. If you want to apply, aside from the application and proof of acceptance at those universities, you must include ID document, grade 12 results, Parent/Guardian’s ID and employment documents. Most of your expense related to your college and even, life expense, will be the responsibility of NSFAS such as the tuition fees, accommodation and meals fees, travel fees, and also, the prescribed books fees. The maximum amount of the value is R60000/year. That is all, visit http://www.nsfas.org.za/content/bursaries.html for more info.

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32 thoughts on “NSFAS Bursaries

  1. I am applying for this bursary because i want to take my mother to a next level, she is the only parent i have.I even want to achieve my goals and be what i want to be.

  2. I’m applying for this bursary because I want to change a life we have lived before to better life……I want my parents to be proud to have me

  3. I’m applying for this bursary because i want to make a better living for meh and my family and be somebody who is proud of his achievements and add value into a country’s standard of living

  4. I’m applying for this bursary because I want to change my life and my mothers life for the better since I’m the only child

  5. I apply for this bursary because I want to change the situatio at home and also because I want to achieve my goals and dream.

  6. Im applying for this bursary because my first priority in life is to be educated and i want to further my studies

  7. I would like to apply for this bursary to assist me proceed my studies as I applied at TUT for next year (2017) Student No.217429056 I completed matric 2015 I was unable to go to versity because of financial problem … I applied this bursary for help so that I can be able to proceed my studies .

    I’m looking forward to hear from you. Think you.

  8. i am applying his bursary because my parents could not afford to pay for my university fees and so i need it desperately o further my studies and become an asset of this country.

  9. I’m applying for this bursary because I want to peruse with may studies and my part are not working and I need financial support to go to university and get a degree and make my family proud

    Thank You

  10. I need this bursary because i have no parents or a gaurdain that can help me to further my studies..i am financially needy..please help 0603034438

  11. I want to proceed with my studies but my parents can’t afford financially and I would like to apply for bursary

  12. Greetings
    Am a learner who is matriculating this year of 2016,i don’t want a cap year next year and both my parents are on passion so they can’t afford to pay for my studies next year.I need a bursary for next year 2017.

  13. Am applying for this bursary firstly my mother doesn’t work so, am trying to less stress her about the next level of my education. Told her that am going to apply for the bursaryn, I want to make her proud am the only one she has that she look up too. Will make sure that I don’t dissappiont her. That’s my aim and my dream.

  14. Greetings…
    I am Katlego KJ Phiri. I am in need of this bursary because I want people to look at the world definitely, especially my country, South Africa. I want Sciences, specifically Physics to be valued in this country of mine, going along with Mathematics. I have a dream of becoming the next Dr Albert Einstein. Curiosity is what keeps my mind wild open to a lot of matters and I believe that I can go beyond measures. This is why I am in need of the bursary.

  15. I passed matrix together with my late aunt’s daughter,and my pirates are unimployer,they sell tomatoes and onions on the streets,they cannot afford to pay us any fees,you may pleas offer us the loan,we passed grade 12 and we get higher certificate,yours Phathutshedzo Rathivhitha and Tshiwela Mudau

  16. I want to study teaching at varsity college,because of finance I”m staying at home,I’m asking for your help,pleas offer me a loan

  17. I want to study teaching at varsity college,because of poor back ground I’m staying home,may you pleas offer me a loan.please I beg I like to be educated.

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