UNISA Bursaries

unisa bursaries

There are different schemes of bursaries for UNISA (University of South Africa) where it is divided for the undergraduate and the postgraduate. Each of the programmes is divided for different categories and sections. For instance, the undergraduate bursaries are divided for students with disabilities, transport training, attorneys fidelity, agriculture, social development, national youth development, and so much more. Interested applicants should carefully choose the UNISA programmes they want because each bursary programme will have different requirements and different implementation too. Each programme may come from different departments who are working with different donors and contributors. In general, these bursaries are designed to help students with academic excellence to reach their dream through financial funding and assistance.

For the postgraduate, the basic requirements would include the proof of financial help and the valid South African ID. However, one of the requirements for the postgraduate level is to show proof of research. Again, different bursaries are offered for different departments and subjects, so it is important to really pay attention to the details, such as the requirements, the study level, and even the closing date. Anyone wants to know further about the different types of UNISA bursaries can check the website and availability at http://www.unisa.ac.za

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