MTN Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

MTN bursaries

We know that MTN Foundation supports education since aside from the bursaries programs, MTN also offers Learnerships and Graduate Development programs. MTN must be proud of their programs since they help the growth of development South Africa’s economy. But, they won’t just take anyone – they are specifically looking for those who deserve it and can make a difference. We won’t be talking about the Learnerships or Graduate programs however, we will be focusing on the bursaries programs. The requirements of this bursary are you must be the citizen of South Africa. You are required to qualify for the admission to a higher institute. Candidates that receive other bursaries or aid from an employer can’t apply. Other than those requirements, you must be in possession of grade 12 certificate, and valid South African ID. Candidates in financial need are much preferred however. Those are the fields of studies that are available: Human Resources, Business Risk Management, B Com Accounting, BTech Internal Accounting, BCS Computer Science, BSC Computer Applications, BCom Accounting Science, Marketing, Information Systems, Technology, Light Current Engineering, Computer Engineering, and BSC Software Development but, it may varies each year. For more info about MTN bursaries, visit this page or here for chartered accountants programme

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5 thoughts on “MTN Bursaries

  1. I’m applying for this bursary cz i see an opportunity wich i fit in am in need of being funded to further my studies at Tertiary level 2017.. I’ll kindly like to be given this to me cause am full of potential and i want to do more for the living and increase the standard of living at home.

  2. I hereby apply for this bursary because I know I’m a hardworker and I deserve a chance to study further and make a difference in people’s lives and prove to unfortunate teenagers that being poor isn’t all it is, when help is provided. thank u

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    I hereby apply for bursary/learnership as I am a hard worker and willing to improve and achieve my goals, My dad was passed away long time ago and my mother is working no one who can help me with financial support, I choosed this company as i trusted and have hope that you can help me.

    As important, big and best company over the world, please give me a change to achieve my goal so that I can be able to help those who is like me, I can be glad if you healp me.

    Thank you.

  4. I’m applying for this bursary because this is the opportunity to fufil my dreams and I know that I’m a multitasking person and hardworking person indeed.I will really appreciate it when I will get the bursary provision from MTN

  5. I’m Mwangelwa Mwangelwa. from Zambia but with my hope and belief I have no matter how far I am. I know I’m not a SA citizen and this might be so much annoying to you, MTN but I believe like I always believed to do my best during high school. I did well during my end year of school and I have the passion in bringing change in many societies in Zambia and help the need by giving up the little I can get to share out there, I’m aged 22years old and have been struggling to find support from my family members which has been so hard for a single parent my Dady since mum passed away.I would want to do electrical engineering which made me so proud of myself since childhood living with my brothers who were doing it for a living.
    Your help and consideration will be my appreciation.

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