SAMRO Bursary

samro bursary

SAMRO bursary is a type of scholarship intended for music enthusiasts and lovers. It is designed by SAMRO Foundation that sponsors arts development and programs. The main idea is to create an environment where South African talents in music can develop and grown. That’s why the foundation reaches out to South African art organizations, musicians, composers with the main goal to help talented individuals having and developing their own careers inside and abroad. Any full time students in their second, third, or fourth year can always apply, including those planning to get their honors, masters, or doctoral degrees. Students in the first year or from private higher institutions won’t be able to participate in the program. SAMRO bursary is applicable through online application too, so any interested parties should provide the required documents that may include registration proof, copy of ID, most recent exam result or academic record, and letter of reference. Since the idea is develop promising talents in the world of music, it is only important to follow the given instructions of each submission. This bursary is only applicable for tuition fee payment and can only be used within the given academic year. For further info about the procedure and benefit of the SAMRO bursary, any interested individual can visit

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