Multichoice Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

multichoice bursaries

If you were looking for bursary offers, Multichoice South Africa might be a good place to start since Multichoice offers bursaries for students. For those who don’t know Multichoice, Multichoice is a leading satellite TV company. The announcement of Multichoice bursaries for 2017 have been made and so, you can start applying for the latest, 2017 bursaries. But, before you apply, take a look at the information of the bursary first so, you will be prepared. Well, first of all, only South African citizens can participate in the bursary. Aside from that, you must be in second, third, or honours year to apply. You must have a good grade as well – the minimum average is 65% for all subjects. It’s much preferred if you scored higher than that though. And don’t worry, you won’t be blacklisted just because of your religion, gender or race. The preferred candidates are EE candidates. The studies of fields you can pick are Computer Science ( – BSc IT), Computer Engineering, Information Technology (Software Development), Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and BSc Engineering (with mechatronics.) The bursaries will cover your accommodation, meals, textbooks and most of your studies fees. You can apply for the Multichoice bursaries online at this page.

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