Stats SA Bursary

stats sa bursary

Stats SA (Statistics South Africa) provides a bursary program to help qualifying individuals with excellent performance and academic records to achieve their dreams through a good education. The organization believes that the future of a long lasting business success lies in the hand of the young talents with great academic skills and abilities. The bursary is provided to encourage their path as well as making sure that they can give back to the community by any means possible. Any candidates interested in taking a full time studying period in any universities in South Africa are encouraged to apply. The bursaries are provided for bachelor degrees in computer science, geography or demography, statistics, accounting, and economy.

There are some basic requirements for anyone interested in this Stats SA bursary. They should be the citizens of South Africa between 17 and 21 years old. If they are university students, only the first and second year can apply. They should have acceptance letter from the university as well as getting at least symbol C in math. They should also show academic performance and excellence by having at least 60% passing rate in all of the subjects. Interested applicants can visit to find out more about Stats SA bursary in details.

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  1. my name is Talent Sthole I finished my matric last year 2016 and I really need a financial assistance due to the the conditions I am facing, I stay with my mom and she’s unemployed.. I’d really be glad if I can get this financial assistance

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