MQA Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

MQA bursaries

MQA – Mining Qualifications Authority, offers bursaries for those who need it, specifically those who are particularly interested in core mining. There’s always a reason behind action – the bursary is intended to increase the number of students to take careers in the core mining area since, core mining needs more people to develop even more. What’s the value of this bursary? From this bursary, you will get the following values: full paid tuition, accommodation fees, meal and book fees, also, you will be given an allowance, so, I’d suggest you to go for it – especially if you have interest in the subject. With these values, you can focus on your studies fully. The minimum requirements for this bursary are you must include a good academic record and you must be in financial need as well. You are also required to have interest in core mining as well as the minimum knowledge of core mining. MQA supports these following core mining subjects: Mining Engineering, Mine Survey, Metallurgical Engineering (Extractive only), Geology and Environmental Health and Management. But, MQA also offers the other bursaries such as Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current only), Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering(Mineral Processing), Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, and Jewellery Design and Manufacturing. Visit for the application form. Wanting to apply for MQA bursaries?

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