SANDF Bursary

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  • Sep 05, 2016

sandf bursary

SANDF (South African National Defense Forces) is a bursary designed for qualified dependents that were killed or injured during the official duty after the 27th of April 1994. The bursary is given to beneficiaries for the primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels with focus on the financial support. It includes schools and higher degrees of education. SANDF itself was created in 1994 with the main headquarter in Pretoria, Gauteng, after the first national elections and constitution was held – post the Apartheid government. SANDF bursary is open for all fields of studies and degrees where the bursars are free to choose which institutions or university they want to. There are different requirements for the primary (and also secondary) students with the tertiary students. However, the bursary is intended to help the affected families of soldiers so the children can continue their study despite the misfortune happening to the father or mother (the breadwinner of the family). Academic performance plays an important role in the continuation of the bursary and only the excel students will be awarded with the financial assistance and support. If any interested individual wants to know more about the SANDF bursary and they want to know the details of the application, feel free to visit

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