NYDA Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

NYDA bursaries

The NYDA that stands for National Youth Development Agency is an agency that is dedicated to help young people – that intention should be clear just from knowing what it stands for. The NYDA especially wishes to fund and support those who are financially in need but have potentials. NYDA will make it possible by funding your education. NYDA is planning to educate the people in rural areas as well – let’s just hope for the best for NYDA. What NYDA has been doing is truly an inspiration to all of us. For those who have been wondering about the value of this bursary, this bursary will cover your full cost tuition, full cost of books/prescribed items, full cost of accommodation, and full cost of university meals. NYDA tries to offer many fields of studies, here it is: Law, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Engineering, Infrastructure, Development, Mining Industry, Health Care, Science, Project Management, Agriculture, IT Industries, Economy, Accounting, Aerospace Industry, Financial Management, Tourism, ICT, Journalism, Supply Chain and Pharmacy. If you want to apply, all applicants must be South African citizens that are under the age of 25, otherwise you won’t get the bursaries. You can visit http://www.nyda.gov.za/Pages/Opportunities/Bursaries-Opportunities.aspx if you want more information regarding NYDA bursaries.

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5 thoughts on “NYDA Bursaries

  1. I’m applying for this bursary because am in need of fund and i’ll kindly like to be given an opportunity of getting such chance to further my education and be the better person at the end of the day

  2. I’m currently at the university of Johannesburg doing my first year in Public Management and Governance.Both my parents are unemployed and it is difficult for them to pay for my tuitions.Please assist in funding for studies so i can build a better place for me and the country in large.

  3. I’m applying for this bursary due to financial problems my parents are unemployed and I want to continue with my studies and make them proud please help me out

    Thank you

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