Spoornet Bursary

spoornet bursary

Spoornet bursary is awarded to students wanting to have a career in the transportation. As the biggest freight transportation company in South Africa, Spoornet is proud to be able to contribute back to the society while making sure that they are able to reach out to the potential young talents. Spoornet is a part of the Transnet that has five main divisions. Spoornet has a business philosophy that isn’t only applicable for their business but also to the continuation of the company and the involved workers and staffs.

Spoornet bursary will cover accommodation and tuition fees, book allowance, and also a free train ride home whenever there are holidays. Participants will have to work for the company during their bursary and the management is arranged by the company. The bursary is applicable for only one year and whether it is renewable or not depends on the performance of the candidates. If they are showing an excellent and stable performance, the bursary will be renewed. Bursaries will be given for physical science, commercial science, and also technical studies. Interested participants should be citizens of South Africa and they have a legal copy of the ID record or card. Those interested in the Spoornet bursary can find out more about it via http://www.transnet.net/Career/Bursaries.aspx

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