SANSA Bursary

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  • Sep 05, 2016

sansa bursary

SANSA (South African National Space Agency) is an entity under the direction and supervision of the NDST (National Department of Science and Technology). The idea of setting up the bursary program is to educate individuals interested in space sector and want to work in the field to bring advantageous value to the society. Every year, the opportunity to get the bursary and take part in the academic year is open wide, especially for those who have deep passion, encouragement, and ready for challenge and new opportunities. SANSA provides financial support and assistance for particular fields, such as Earth Systems Sciences, Remote Sensing, Space Weather physics, Aeronautical, Data Scientist, Antarctic Climate Change Radar Studies, and so much more with different degrees and stages. Some of them are offered for post-doctoral candidates while some are offered from bachelor to post-doctoral level. The bursary is only intended for South African citizens , preferably the disadvantaged individuals. If they have a deep interest in space and plan to take master or PhD degrees and they meet the entry level requirements, they are encouraged to apply. Online application is encouraged so it is important to understand the online systems and how to upload the required documents to meet the standards. To find out more about the SANSA program, feel free to come to the official website at and take a look around.

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