South African Weather Service Bursary

South African Weather Service bursary

South African Weather Service bursary is provided by students interested in learning more about the weather and want to continue their study in taking fields related to the subjects. It is a serious matter as the information about the weather can determine the overall life and running of activities. The Weather Service always in needs of promising young talents to help with the organization of the company and the weather activities. They have the vision that they can achieve the final goal where communities, citizens, and business sectors are able to use the information about the weather and they develop a weather resilience, thanks to the South African Weather Service.

Their mission is to provide solid information so a weather smart region can be achieved, including economic growth and sustainable development. They can do this only if they can find the right human resources with amazing performance and excellent skills. They provide bursaries for meteorological studies, weather observers, technology studies, and environmental sciences. The chances for these subjects are open only around September to October in each region every year. Interested applicants for South African Weather Service bursary can visit and they should have a good proficiency and matric result for math and physical science.

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