RBCT Bursaries

RBCT bursaries

RBCT – or Richards Bay Coal Terminal if you were curious of what it stands for, is a coal terminal, if that wasn’t obvious enough. But RBCT is not a regular coal terminal, it’s the single largest coal terminal in the world – which is what makes it remarkable. As the largest coal terminal in the world, RBCT also supports education by opening bursary for students with certain interests. Those interests are interest to study engineering, science, math, and health and is pursuing for either a diploma or degree. If you do, why don’t you start applying for the bursary? This is a great opportunity that shall not be wasted. The eligible applicants are those who live and are the citizen of South Africa, particularly in Zululand region. You must have good grade as well and should apply for any SA-university to study full time otherwise you won’t be considered. As for the value, we haven’t seen the information anywhere but since it’s a bursary, it will cover your tuition fees and accommodation for sure. Perhaps, it will be notified once you get the bursary. Please visit http://www.rbct.co.za/jit_default_1192.Social_Review.html if you want information regarding Richards Bay Coal Terminal or RBCT bursary.

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  1. My daughter wants to study for accountancy or computer science at university next year but I don’t think I will.

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