FET College Bursary

fet college bursary

FET college is a college that offers bursaries for those in need of financial but unable to because their backgrounds. FET college knows the importance of education and that is why FET college offers bursaries. South African people with potential should be developed and nurtured so, they will bring good to the country – human resources are much needed, after all. If you want to apply, you will need to send the application as well as certain documents to ensure your background. You need to submit a South African citizenship valid ID number since only African People can apply, proof of acceptance and registration by college, bank statements of last 3 months, proof of residence, and proof of income with the application. The bursary will cover most of your essential payments so, you don’t need to worry about your financial condition if you managed to obtain the bursary – such as tuition fees, meals fees, accommodation and a lot more. Since the college and government have invested for your studies, they expected a return of the investment which can be shown from the results and such. If you are interested and want to apply for FET college bursary, visit http://www.gscollege.co.za/?page_id=846/.

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