Fidelity Fund Bursaries

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  • Sep 01, 2016

fidelity fund bursaries

Any idea what Fidelity Fund is? Fidelity Fund is a statutory client protection fund which provides protection against loss of money or property that has been entrusted to the attorneys – much similar to a bank that functions to protect people’s money. Fidelity Fund supports education and we can know that from the fact that Fidelity Fund offers Bursaries Scheme – well, it’s a good thing because it expands the chances of more African people getting education. As per usual, there are requirements you must meet in order to obtain the bursary. Applicants must be South African citizen with valid ID book or card, and must be studying at a recognized institute at the moment. As for the fields of studies, you are given two choices to learn: Law or LLB Law. The bursary only gives R7000 per year and the bursary only lasts for two years. The application can be submitted online so, if you have questions, contact 021 424 4608 / 021 424 5351 or The closing date of the bursaries are around the middle of August each year so, make sure you submit it before it’s too late. If you want more info about Fidelity Fund bursaries, visit this page.

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