Saica Bursaries

saica bursariesSaica bursaries will help those from disadvantaged backgrounds who still wanted to continue their education towards institution of higher learning. Education is a good thing that needs to be supported for a better future after all. In 2005, Saica bursary was given public benefit organization status and since then, they have grown and now, they are amongst the world’s top accounting institutes. Saica only offers accounting as their field of study so, you are required to love math. If you do and you aspire to be Chartered Accountant, Saica bursaries are the perfect one for you – and don’t worry Saica offers plenty bursaries – up to 250-300 bursaries. First of all, if you want to get the bursary, you must be able to achieve a minimum of 60% for Mathematics at the end of grade 11 and not only Mathematic, good points in other subjects are needed as well. You must proof to be able to qualify for University Entry. Other than those, you must financially in need as well. Last but not least, you must have South African citizenship with valid ID. The value of this bursary should be informed later on. If you want to download Saica’s bursary application form, click here.

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