NRF Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

NRF bursaries

NRF offers bursaries for students who are interested to continue their education. Aside from education, most of your expenses related to institute of higher learning will be covered by NRF so, you’ve got nothing to lose, right? You even get more through these bursaries. The values you obtain from this bursary is $12,000 for doctoral study at an approved overseas country with travel grant of R5000. The fields of studies you are expected to study are Science, Health Sciences, Engineering and the Built Environment. The duration of this bursary is one year renewable up to 3 years. The way to apply is through online applying at and if you want to complete your CV, do it at The closing date is 15 August so, apply before it’s too late! The aforementioned description is for Abroad Doctoral bursary however. For Local Postdoctoral bursary, instead of studying abroad, you will be staying in your own country. The fields of studies they offer for Local Postdoctoral are the same as the ones on Abroad Doctoral. The values they offer are about R110000 and R10000 contribution for the research expenses. You can apply online for NRF bursaries at before 31st July.

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