NetCare Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

netcare bursaries

NetCare is seeking for gifted youngsters with kindness within their hearts to handle people who are unable to look after themselves. If you like helping people to get better and the sight of them being healthy makes you happy, apply for NetCare bursary. It’s pretty obvious since there’s the word ‘care’ in NetCare. Caring and seeing the smile on people’s faces after we treat them give you satisfying feeling, right? Moving on, the kinds of fields of studies that are available are the ones that have some relation with health such as General Nursing, Public Health, Management, Emergency Care, Marketing, Nursing Care, Finance, Managed Health Care, Primary Health Care, Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Research, Medicine Control and Drug Abuse Counseling. Feel free to choose what interests you the most. There are requirements you need to meet in order to get the bursary, first, you must be South African citizens with valid ID, you must be in possession of Matric certificate, exceptional academic records are needed as well, include proof of their financial aid, and applicant must get the acceptance letter from a university. There is no closing time and you may apply all throughout the year but, it’s better if you apply early, right? You are unable to apply online but, for further info of NetCare bursary, visit this page.

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  1. I am interested in 4 years program .I am Elsie mageqe .I am eager to learn and hard work person .I would like to be considered for contacts 0837611048

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