Media24 Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

media24 bursaries

Media24 – as per usual, media implies journalism and it’s not wrong to assume so since Media24 is about journalism – new information, the adventures and all that thrills. So, who’s interested in journalism and wanting to continue studies to journalism? Media24 hold bursaries for those who want to study journalism, so you can try it out if you were interested in the subject. Writing can be very fun sometimes. Candidates will be offered for journalism studies at WITS, Rhodes University, University of Stellenbosch, and North West University. Plus, once you’ve graduated, you will be assigned for a job at Media24. You need to have an academic average of 65% in your final year in order to apply however. Aside from that, since it’s about journalism, you must have great writing skill (English or Afrikaans), and you have to be able to work under pressure to meet the deadlines. High attention/observation skills on details are some of the qualities you need as well, along with good communication skill, question and listening skills are needed as well. If you are the type of person who gets curious easily, resilient, persistent and take the initiative, you are sure to get the bursary. It’s much preferred if you’ve worked in media before. Apply online for Media24 bursary at

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11 thoughts on “Media24 Bursaries

  1. I would like Media 24 to help me with my fees…I’m a grade 12 student who is really determined to be a journalist,journalism is my passion it my dream…I would like Media24 to help me with the bursary…I promise to do my best…

  2. I’m a grade 12 student who is
    really determined to be a
    journalist,journalism is my passion it
    my dream…I would like Media24 to help
    me with the bursary…not only on journalist I would like media24 to pay for me for film and tv promise to do my best

  3. I live in Alexandra and I’m doing my first year at Boston Media House. I would like Media24 to help me in financing so that I can further my studies. My promise is to keep on working hard and obtain good marks.

  4. I Am A Grade 11 Who Is Interested In Acting And Filming.It Would Be An Honour To Receive A Media24 Bursary To Pursue My Passion And Dream.I Am Determined To Give The Best Results As Show Of Acknowledgement For The Bursary

  5. I Am A Grade 11 Who Is Determined In Studying Acting And Filming.It Would Be An Honour To Receive A Media24 Bursary And As Show Of Acknowledgement I Will Give The Best Results.I Look Forward To Hearing From You

    1. My name is Musa Gumbi,im a former student at jeppe college I enrolled in 2015 and had to drop out during the 2nd semester.
      I would like media24 to help me make my dream come true for being an investigative reporter by financing my studies…your help would be highly appreciated

  6. My name is Zintle Mekile and I am doing grade 12 in 2017 ,and I would love media24 to pay for my university fees.I want to be a broad casting journalist.on my spare time I shoot short films(making documentaries about social issues),I also love reading a lot

  7. warmest greetings

    I am Phemelo Lesufi , currently studying Journalism and Media Studies at Damelin Pretoria City Campus. Doing my Second year , but some hiccups just occurred during the process due to financial problematic. I would kindly be greatful to get financial assistance. due to respect can information on the application form.

  8. Good day, I’m a 38 year old male, and being willing to major in anything that is media, I recently registered to study public relations part time with some certain institution, and now would also like to pursue a career in journalism as well, I might be a late bloomer but its never to late to follow ones dream, as I now come to realise that media 24 is offering busaries to study in this chosen field of mine, I guess its time for me to rise and try to achieve my pinnacle, which I believe it is achievable regardless of age or any other factor that might hinder or be detrimental to me trying to require this vast but very scarce career, to the those who don’t take it to consider it as a career, should media 24 award this bursary to me, it would be a great stepping stone for me, with age and maturity I trust and believe that this is the moment I being waiting for my entire life, i should this be considered I will be obliged to furnish you with all the information that you may require

  9. HI, I am Rorisang Moriri and I would like Media24 to help with my dream of becoming a journalist, I really want to study journalism and I am passionate about it, I’ve got good communication skills and I can work under pressure…. I’m currently in Grade 12

  10. My name is Lahliwe Thabethe and I am a first year student at IIE Rosebank college Pretoria campus CBD doing my first year, and currently studying journalism. I would like media 24 to fund me because I have passion for journslism and also I am really determined about what I do, I live with my mother and father but they are both pensioners, they pay my fees with their grant money. Nevertheless regarding school work I make sure that I keep up as I managed to score myself the first distinction in media studies with 79% and I am hoping to get more .

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