MBCHB Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

mbchb bursaries

MBCHB is amongst the other organizations who fund for the bursaries programs – though the field of studies are limited and only those who have interest with exceptional grades in medical subject can apply. Well, are you interested to apply? Let’s find out the details of MBCHB bursaries programs, shall we? The bursaries are only offered to those who continue their study to medical related institute and must be a pre-graduate student. They offer around R20.000 per year from the first year to fourth so, in total, the value of this bursary is around R80,000. The bursary is non-exclusive and even if you find additional bursaries, the MBHCB bursaries will still continue. An additional bursary will only be awarded to the candidates who are worthy and passed with good grades. The only eligible candidates are those who are the citizens of South Africa and live within the country, those from disadvantaged backgrounds are very welcome to apply, candidates can also apply if they meet the given criteria even if they are currently in medical school (the bursary will cover the fees of the remaining time), you can hold extra bursaries with unlimited values but, you have to report it to SAMA bursary committee beforehand. To download application form of MBCHB bursaries programs, visit http://www.samedical.org/application-form-downloads.html.

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