Department of Agriculture Bursaries

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  • Aug 30, 2016

department of agriculture bursaries

Department of Agriculture continues to improve our lives with better agriculture. One of the programs that benefit us is the Bursaries programs. The fields of studies they offer are Bioresource Engineering (Agricultural Engineering), Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc.), B.Sc. Viticulture and Oenology, B.Sc. Food Science and a lot more that are related to Department of Agriculture. Also the requirement you need to fulfill is the average score of Mathematics and Physical Science 6 must be 70-79 while for 5, 60-69. Also, the bursary won’t be available for you if it’s not a higher university. If you succeed, you will be given notification on 27 January 2014 so until then, just wait. If you were still confused about the Department of Agriculture bursary offers, visit

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10 thoughts on “Department of Agriculture Bursaries

  1. I’m really desperate for a bursary but I don’t study physical sciences, I study mathematics and agricultural sciences and I wish to further my studies with animal production or crop production

  2. I would like to be one of the student who will receive this bursary as I applied at TUT for next year (2017)STUDENT NO.217429056 I completed matric 2015…I could’nt go to school this year because of financial problems to pay for my fees …that’s why I applied for this bursary for help.

    I will be happy if will hear my request. Thank you..

  3. I’m one of the students that is really trying my best to do well in my studies and agriculture is one of those subjects that I wana persue a career in …I would like for a chance to get this bursary also.

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