Woolworths Bursaries

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  • Sep 13, 2016

woolworths bursaries

If you love cooking and you dream of pursuing your cooking education, then you must have been quite familiar with the woolworths bursaries. This bursaries is one of the best bursaries that will give you a chance to take a formal education in one of the best coking school in the South Africa. So, if you are a south african young person with a great motivation to pursue your professional career in the cooking industry, then this bursaries is probably all you need. So, here is some information about the bursaries that you might need to know. Take a look.

In fact, there are a lot of things that we need to know about the woolworths bursaries in the very first place. This bursaries is actually presented by woolworths taste magazine to give a lot of african people who wish to pursue their formal cooking education. The applications who have been successful in meeting all of the requirements and qualifications of the selection process will be granted a scholarship to the finest cooking school in South Africa, which is Silwood School of Cookery. This school of cookery has been able to produce a lo of professional chefs in South Africa with incredible performance in the kitchen. So, if you think that you meet all of the qualification, you can apply for this bursaries for sure.

You will be required to spend two years in taking your education in the school. The first year of your education will be sponsored by the woolworths taste magazine, while the second year of your study will be sponsored by the silwood cookery school. The next thing that we need to know about the bursaries is the requirements itself. Here is some requirements that you need to fulfil.
First, you have to have a great motivation to pursue a cooking career.
You have to be younger than 35 years of age
You have to have at least basic working experience in the kitchen and established restaurant
You have to be computer literate
You have to be a south african and a permanent resident of the South Africa
That is some requirements that you need to fulfill. You will also be required to fill in an application form before you can apply for this bursaries. You can find out more about the woolworths bursaries at http://www.silwood.co.za/news/

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