Volkswagen Bursaries

vw bursaries

Those who have a deep passion working in the motor vehicle construction and industry would probably be interested in getting Volkswagen bursary. The company is always in search of promising new talents and skilled workers to help them with their business as well as contributing further development and achievement to the society. The bursary isn’t only providing financial support but also career opportunity for the talented workers. The bursary is given on a yearly basis, starting from the second year of study. The financial aids are given to develop academic skill and knowledge to achieve a better innovation that can benefit everyone.

Those who are interested in taking Volkswagen bursaries should work for Volkswagen for a certain period of time. The agreement is binding as it is explained and described in a legal contract. Interested applicants can apply for VW Technician Trainee or Graduate Trainee programme which lasts for 12 months. After the programme is over, participants are given the chance to join the main team. Of course, only those with excellent academic performance and talents are allowed to join. There are basically different options and programmes are available from this company. Interested candidates of Volkswagen bursaries can visit to find out more that bursaries are currently available or not.

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