UKZN Bursaries

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  • Sep 12, 2016

ukzn bursaries

UKZN (University of KwaZulu-Natal) provide financial assistance for students with disadvantaged condition and background. The bursary is aimed to provide a bigger opportunity for students with academic excellence and brightness to reach their dream and change their condition through education and academic achievement. Originally, the funds were set up to cover half of the tuition cost, but along the way, more funds are added and provided for students with perfect academic performance and success, without crossing the line of the university’s policy.

Those interested in the UKZN bursaries should complete their first year first semester’s exam. Even after getting the bursaries, they should show similar excellence and performance in further years so they will remain qualify for the bursary. It is a requirement that all candidates should have because the university has a big responsibility and obligation to show the donors that they only select the best. The trust funds are only given to students in their early study period as the final year students can expect their expenses are covered by the government; in this case, the state support. The bursary doesn’t apply for postgraduate degree as well because it is intended to assists those in their first degree or qualification. Any interested applicants for the UKZN can visit for further info.

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