Thuthuka Bursary Fund

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  • Sep 12, 2016

thuthuka bursary fund

Thuthuka Bursary Fund is designed by SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants), one of the accountancy agencies in South Africa. The organization was formerly known as IAA (Institute of Accountants and Auditors) which was founded in Johannesburg in 1894. The organization founded Thuthuka Bursary Fund in 2002 to help academically excellent students with disadvantaged background to continue their studies (as well as completing it) and finally reach their goal to enter the commerce field. Any students interested in chartered accountancy are encouraged to apply, especially those who want to have a career in it. They continue their studies at SAICA accredited organizations and universities.

Interested applicants should be the citizens of South Africa, have disadvantaged background, provide proof that they need financial assistance, meet the entrance requirements, and so much more. Those with excellent math skills have the additional points. Applicants are encouraged to apply through online (they can easily download the form) which is proven to be more efficient and faster in the process. Candidates are free to continue their study at Stellenbosch University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Cape Town University, Johannesburg University, Pretoria University, Rhodes University, and North-West University. Those interested in taking Thuthuka Bursary Fund can always visit to find out more about the program.

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  1. i maxville mouers ,I have my financial management n6 , I like to do my bcom degree but I do not have the money further my studies . I want really love accounting and I need n bursary please help me .

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