Sun International Bursary

sun international bursary

Sun International bursary is intended for students in leisure and hospitality fields, with specialized subjects. Sun International is a chain of casinos and restaurant in South Africa belonging to Sol Kerzner. They have designed a special program in tertiary education that is included in Sun International Community Development Trust. Any interested candidates will receive bursary on management, hospitality, food and beverage, hotel management, human resource, finance and accounting, management, IT, plumbing and electrical plumbing in TVET level, sales and marketing, and sport and recreation.

Sun International encourages online application where applicants should view the requirements and try to meet them all. The applicants should be the citizens of South Africa, studying the intended fields or at least want to take the major, and want to study in one of the recognized universities in South Africa. Application period opens from the 1st of May and closes on the 30th of September every year. Candidates should include certified copy of their legal ID, proof of income from parents or guardians, recommendations and testimonials from schools or community leader, and academic record. Interested applicants for Sun International bursary can always visit to find out more about the details of the bursary and how the procedure is done.

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  1. My Name Is Silindile Nkonde I am from Carolina.I am 17 years old this year,I am a hard worker whn it comes to my studies And I do have respect towards my Folks.I want to reach my goals In a way which South Africa would be proud to have someone like me….I know at home we ain’t that rich That why I would ask for a bursary To make a different at home

  2. Good day my is Vuyo matshaya I am doing my first year @cput in food and beverage management would you mind e-mail me the application forms at matshav228@gmail. Com please.

  3. I am seeking an apprenticeship opportunity for our daughter who is interested in patisserie

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