Stefanutti Stocks Bursaries

stefanutti stocks bursaries

Stefanutti Stocks bursaries will be perfect for those interested in architecture, building, and construction. Students who have dreams working in a dynamic company and have a promising future career can consider taking the bursary. Stefanutti Stocks is one of the biggest construction companies in South Africa, having more than 12,000 employees. They are able to deliver different kinds of work to different kinds of clients within different kinds of markets. They are always in search of promising young talents because they believe that their strength lies in the capabilities and abilities of these young talents. Students awarded with the bursary will also get the chance to work with the company after they complete the study. The bursary isn’t only providing financial assistance but also future chance of employment.

The bursary is given in the fields of civil engineering, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, quantity surveying, business science, and construction management. Any interested participants should be the citizen of South Africa and have the valid ID documents. They should be at least in the grade 12 with average 70% achievement standard. They should also show at least 70% competence in physical science, English, or core math. Interested candidates of Stefanutti Stocks are welcome to visit this page and find out more about the program.

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