SABS Bursary

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  • Sep 04, 2016

sabs bursaries

What is SABS bursary program? Or what is bursary program exactly? Bursary is something similar to scholarship to attend college or university and you will be free from the obligation to pay since bursary will be paying it for you but, you must pay the bursary back in another form – you must excel at your college otherwise, your bursary can be cancelled. You don’t want that, do you? Well, SABS is offering bursary programs with the duration of one year renewable. As for the institute of higher learning, you are required to study at Cape Teninsula University of Technology. SABS is only accepting students who study National Diploma in engineering civil and mechanical. Other than those, you must have good academic records, particularly math and physical science since it will be needed in engineering. Last but not least, candidates must be the citizen of South Africa and are able to provide proof of it such as valid ID. SABS will be covering your tuition fees, residence fees, and also, your personal spending will be covered by SABS. The closing date is 31st August annually. If you want to know more about SABS bursary, go visit

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  1. I’m an administration student studying at Tshwane University Of Technology looking for part time job without any compensation.

  2. Good Afternoon

    I would like to enroll for Engineering Mechanical but due to the financial circumstances i can
    not. Kindly assist me


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