Richards Bay Mineral Bursaries

richards bay mineral bursaries

Like RBCT, Richards Bay Mineral is also the world’s leader in sand mining and mineral processing, high purity on rutile and zircon, and producing titanium minerals – in short, Richards Bay Mineral has some really great quality products which made the company very, very famous. By being the world’s leader in mineral processing and producing, there are more opportunities to contribute more to education of South Africa which is why they open 4 to 8 new bursaries every year. Who can apply for the bursary? Well, first of all, in order to apply, you must be the resident and citizen of South Africa and are interested to continue your study by studying one of these fields of studies: Mining, electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering, Metallurgy Geology surveying or drilling, Chemistry, Environmental science and Accounting. The bursary level is matriculant. The value you will get by applying for Richards Bay Mineral bursaries are you will be free from tuition and residence fees. Once you’ve completed the study, it is part of the contract that you will be taken on as graduates-in-training and are required to work at the company with the equivalent of the numbers of years you’ve received your training. To apply for Richards Bay Mineral bursary click

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