Palabora Copper Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

Palabora Copper BursariesPalabora Copper’s name is related to mining so, the bursaries they offer shouldn’t be too far away from it. Yes, they open bursaries for young people who love mining. Well, mining is not the only subject they offer, you can still pick other stuff but, it will be somehow related to mining. Just for your information, Palabora Copper is the most productive operations in South Africa so, you should be delighted if you get into the university. As mentioned before, the fields of studies will have something to do with mining. Those are Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, and Instrumentation Technician – well, what do you choose or interested in? If you want to get accepted, you must have South African citizenship with its official ID card and all, also you must be the resident of the said country. You must also hold up to a grade 12 level of education with great mathematics and excellent at physical science. As for the personalities, Palabora Copper is looking for people that show great discipline and the motivation to learn. If you have good grade, then there’s a high chance your bursary will be renewed earlier. Values of this bursary include tuition fees, residence fees up to R5000 for university students and R4000 for Technikon candidates. Visit Palabora Copper’s official website:

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