National Treasury Department Bursaries

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  • Sep 03, 2016

National Treasury Department bursaries

National Treasury Department is seeking for candidates with the skills that are much needed in the department which is why National Treasury Department is opening bursaries. Aside from that, National Treasury Department is hoping to develop the education in South Africa even better than ever. By opening bursaries, they’ve definitely done the right thing. In order to get the bursary, you must have South African citizenship with the valid ID book, you must meet all the requirements for the fields of studies you have chosen, you must also have the proof of registration and acceptance at the university you have applied for, proof of your need for financial assistance must be included as well since National Treasury Department only accepts those with disadvantaged backgrounds, grade 12 certificate must proof immunity, the combined average of your university grade must 65% or above and lastly, you can only apply for these following studies: Accounting, Auditing (Internal), BCom Law, Engineering (Financial), Economics, Econometrics, Finance (Development), LLB, Management (Financial), Management (Risk), Policy (Public), Policy (Social) and Taxation. If you get the bursary, you will be awarded by not having to pay for the full tuition fees, prescribed books fees, accommodation and meals fees since those will be the responsibility of National Treasury Department – get the application form here if interested.

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