Lonmin Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

lonmin bursaries

Lonmin opens bursaries programs for those who deserve it and has interest in mining field or the related expertise. This bursary is helping those who are bright and smart but has no fund to afford education. If you manage to get the bursary, then you can get the education you rightfully deserve, right? If you get the bursary, you wouldn’t have to pay for the University tuition fees, the registration fees of candidate, any exam fees that is required, accommodation and resident meals, even prescribed books are covered by the bursary and you will also get an allowance from the bursary! Just how wonderful is that? Do these following fields of studies are the ones that interest you though? Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mine Surveying, Mine Engineering, Geology Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation and Metallurgy are the fields of studies. Choose what interest you the most. Moving on, only South African citizens with valid ID card or number are allowed to have the bursary. You also must be in grade 12 or have completed it. Since english is an international language, exceptional grade on the subject is a must. Mathematics and science are required to get good grades as well and lastly, you must have proof of acceptance from the university. Visit Lonmin bursaries at https://www.lonmin.com/careers/bursary-and-experiential-schemes if you want to apply.

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