Kantey and Templer Bursary

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  • Sep 02, 2016

Kantey and Templer bursary

Are you one of the few people who love engineering, or instead you hate it? If you answer was the first choice then, Kantey and Templer bursary program will help you a lot. For your information, this company was first founded in 1953 and is the kind of company who values the projects, clients and the staff. Respect and value is important, after all. Fields of studies you can indulge in are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering. All in the engineering category. And only South African citizens will be accepted for the bursary since the company is from South Africa. Even if you were a South African citizen, you need to gave the valid ID number or it will backfire. Bursaries also only want to fund those who excel academically with disadvantaged background. Through that way, they can help people who are in need by offering money in exchange for work. As per usual, bursary will fund most of your college related expense. So, thinking of applying? It can be done online by submitting it here http://www.kanteys.co.za/ and to download the Kantey and Templer’s application form, doi it right here http://www.kanteys.co.za/Training.aspx.

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