IDC Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

IDC bursaries

IDC or Industrial Development Corporation which is first founded in 1940 and develops industry is offering bursaries programs because other than developing industry, they need to develop education as well because great education will create great industry. If you want to get the bursary however, you must be a South African citizen in possession of a valid ID number and you must qualify to go to University of Technology or TVET. Good grades are necessary as well – you should get a minimum of “B” on Maths and Science in order to get accepted while at university. You are required to have an average of a minimum C. There are two choices of fields of studies that are Engineering (chemical, electrical, electronic, mining, civil, etc.) and Commercial Sciences (computer science, investment management, Bcom Information Systems, etc.) The values of this are you will be free from any kind of payment relating to your college even your accommodation and meals and also, you will get an allowance. That way, you will be constantly focused on your study right? The closing date is 30th June and If you want to apply for the IDC bursaries, download the application at

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