Group 5 Bursaries

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  • Sep 02, 2016

group 5 bursaries

Looking for a bursary? Then, Group 5 is offering bursaries for those who are looking for it. Bursaries will make your future brighter because education is the key to having a good future. There are requirements of the bursary though. Not everyone can apply for it. If you want to apply, you must be South African citizen with valid ID number and you must be grade 12 students or are currently studying at a university with the fields of studies Group 5 is offering. You must have a good academic record as well (approximately 60% for Math and Science and no less than that) with great communication skill, problem solving skill, strong analytical skills, and computer literacy because those qualities are important. Fields of studies of the bursaries are engineering and built environment. And once you graduate, you are required to work for Group 5 for the same duration of your bursary. The bursary’s values include University tuition fees, Registration fees, Exam fees, University accommodation, Residence meals, and Book and pocket money. The application closes on 30 June every year so, apply before the day comes and apply for the Group 5 bursary at

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