FNB Bursaries

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  • Sep 01, 2016

fnb bursaries

A lot of companies/organizations are helping young, talented generation through the program called bursary and FNB which stands for First National Bank also joins in to help the young generation that brings with potentials to receive the education they so rightfully deserve through bursary programs. FNB only offers the bursaries for people who have the motivation to learn and study and is academically excellent but in financial need. The fields of studies you are offered are a lot and it’s not only about banking but, you can also take science. For the commence fields of studies, you can choose accounting, actuarial science, economics, economic & management, financial management and a lot more. You can also take engineering and science. In order to get this bursary, you must do as the requirements say. You must send them a certified copy of this year’s exam June exam with the average score of 60% or more for the better on Math, Physical Science and English. Academic record of your studies are also necessary, a copy of final results if you did the Matric Test, two testimonials, an essay about your life in section 7, proof of income of your guardians, and lastly, copy of your South African ID. Official page if you want to know more about FNB bursary.

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  1. Actually I’m doing commercial subject I would to offer busary to FNB as number South African bank to help me continue to universities with my studies

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