Ethekwini Municipality Bursary

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  • Sep 01, 2016

Ethekwini Municipality bursary

Ethekwini Municipality is a metropolis area and that area is offered bursaries from the Department of Health, exclusively for the Ethekwini area. Lucky for people in the Ethekwini area because there are more chances for education. Education is an important aspect after all – with education, you can expand your career and future, you will learn more and make connection which is certainly going to be beneficial to you. The fields of studies they offer are related to health of course and there are plenty of fields of studies they offer – Radiography, Medicine, Audiology, Occasional Theraphy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Oral Hygiene, Medical Orthotics and Prosthetic, Health Promotion and Medical Health. As for the requirement, you must be from Ethekwini district, in financial need, a sign to work for a year in the Ethekwini district, submit a support identity of parents along with proof of application to an institution and academic record from grade 11 or university. Where to get the form? You can get the application form from the Human Resource Hospital, Government’s hospitals, CHC’s and Clinics and the application is not available online. The closing date is 31st August so, make sure you apply before that day comes. Download this document for more info about the Ethekwini Municipality bursaries.

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