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ETDP SETA, for those who don’t know, promotes and explains the importance of education and we can see that through the actions as well – ETDP SETA facilitates, trains and develops the education as well and one of the examples is the bursary programs. The bursaries fields of studies which you can apply to are NPDE and PGCE, B.Ed Mathematics and Science, B.Ed Foundation Phase, Certificate in Education, B Com, BSc Applied Mathematics, Masters in Commerce, ACE in Leadership and Management, Computer Studies, Human Resources Management and Public Finance. The selection of the applicants will be selected based on their academic ability, eligibility to obtain an approved degree or PGCE, you must be committed to teaching career as well (interest in a teaching professional career and working with young children or teens, you must be able to overcome challenges as well), and commitment to teach at any school the Provincial Education Department has chosen. The bursary will cover most of the important expenses like tuition fees and more so, you can rest a little and focus on studying. Oh, and only South African citizens will get accepted. If you want to know more about ETDP SETA bursary, visit this page.

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  1. I am Pumla Mavume SA Citizen I D no. 7409241396080 .Looking partime course for B.Ed
    Foundation phase from 2019 . I m not sure how to apply for this ETDP SETA bursary. Currently teaching for Foundation phase always dealing with grade 3 sytemic evaluation

    P Mavume

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