DOE Bursaries

doe bursaries

DOE or Department of Basic Education is a department that focuses on the education of South Africa – to improve, enhance, and much more. Education makes it better, after all which is why education is necessary. However, not everyone has the chance of getting an education – it can be costly at times. Fortunately, DOE offers bursaries for those with potential to receive the education they deserve under certain conditions. Firstly, you need to be the citizen of South African with a valid ID. The bursary level of this program is matriculant and you need to be in 10-12 grades. The fields of studies they offer are education and teaching – and you are also required to teach one year for the years where you receive bursaries. You can choose the province you prefer to be placed at but the school’s choice is up to the DOE. The programs cover most of your fees like tuition, accommodation, meals, book allowance, note, laboratory, and more. The bursary lasts for a year and you can renew the bursary. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and apply for the DOE’s bursary offer at before 13th November because that date is the closing date!

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