Discovery Trust Bursary

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  • Aug 31, 2016

discovery trust bursary

What is Discovery? It’s a company that connects young people with career-related things for more opportunity and they do it for free! One of the examples that Discovery offers opportunities are the bursaries scheme though it’s currently inactive at the moment. The bursary was first held on 31st January 2012 and ends on 31st May 2012 hence the reason why it’s inactive right now. You must wait until 2017 comes to apply. There is no minimum and maximum age to apply. The bursary covers almost every expense from the registration fees, University Tuition, Exam fees, University accommodation, Residence meals, and book and pocket money. You don’t have to worry about anything else – just study well and graduate with satisfying result. Like the usual, the requirements you need to meet in order to be able to apply are: you have to be the citizen of South Africa with the proof of valid ID number and are permanent resident and Grade 12 learners. There is a service binding contact after the completion of studies. The fields of studies you can choose are) BNurs (Nursing), MB BCh (Medicine & Surgery and BSc (Occupational Therapy). If you want to know more about Discovery bursary, visit here.

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2 thoughts on “Discovery Trust Bursary

  1. hi my name is dimakatso makhasane i am 19 years old and i have been applying for bursaries but i have not been successful i would love to go and study at sacap(south african college of applied psychology) its a private institution,as it is my dream to study psychology.please do see to my application as i would love to go to school next year

  2. hi my name is Palesa and I would like to study nursing as they help people recover from there injuries and that they don’t really get the recognition they deserve for their hard work but to me it seems like a very caring career to be in that will keep me on my feet while I place a smile on peoples faces.

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