Department of Labour Bursary

department of labour bursaries

Department of Labour functions to decrease the numbers of unemployment, inequality, and poverty with the help of programs they’ve created. Of course, to attain their goal, they will need a constant human resources to keep it going and here’s where the bursary will come into play. This bursary requires you to serve the Department of Labour for 3 years under a contract so, it’s the perfect bursary. Firstly, you have to be a South African citizen with the valid ID number, financially needy and you must pick a study that is career-oriented to make you function effectively. The bursary covers up most of the fees such as tuition fees, exam fees, accommodation, registration fees, residence meals, pocket money, and books fees. There are a wide variety of fields of studies such as Engineering and Built Environment, Architecture, and more which we can’t list here because it’s too many so, visit this page. Don’t forget to apply before 30 June because the mentioned date is the last day to apply or you must wait for another year – you surely don’t want that, do you? You can take the application from the Department of Labour office or you can get it online by visiting

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