Department of Justice Bursaries

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  • Aug 31, 2016

department of justice bursaries

Injustice can be seen almost everywhere – which is the reason why the Department of Justice created in the first place. Department of Justice serves the purpose to uphold justice and defend the right ones. As one of the South Africa government’s department, Department of justice offers bursaries programs to help those who want to pursue higher learning but unable to because of their financial condition. First of all, all candidates must be in possession of a valid matric certificate and must be graduates of the listed field of studies, applications are required to be submitted it on Form Z83, and also, you need to send application with a CV, ID and the transcript along with the certified copies of matriculation certificate and certificates. If you were unable to meet the requirements, you won’t be considered to get the bursary. There will be a screening to determine the righteousness of the citizenship and to know whether you have any criminal records and more. If you were not suitable to be employed, you might not get the bursary. For any inquires you have regarding the matter, contact 074 823 4495 (Mr Anthony Canham), 078 460 5121 (Ms Samantha Fischer) and 074 582 0768 (Ms Kgomotso Magashoa). Or click here for more info about the bursary of Department of Justice.

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  1. My Son is in Gr11 this year and will be studying LLB Law. Please send details of requirements to apply for a bursary with the Department of Justice.

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