Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Bursaries

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  • Aug 30, 2016

department of enviromental affairs bursaries

Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism is developing ways to protect the already damaged environmental in South Africa. As you know, humans tend to be careless when dealing with earth’s resources – they think it’s forever even though, it’s not. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism is approaching the matter by establishing programs and also, offering bursaries for outstanding students. The bursaries are offered to enhance the youth of South African. The only ones who can apply are those who have completed the first year of undergraduate studies, and registered for post-graduate studies. Oh, you need to be a citizen of South Africa too. The following is the available fields of studies: Environmental Law, Resource Economics, Waste and Pollution Management, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering, Marine Biology and Marine Sciences, Toxicology, Geographic Information Systems, Conservation Planning and Conservation Biology and Statistics. If you want to make the world a better place, go on and apply for the bursary! The bursary has been closed at the moment so, apply for the 2017 bursary. Aside from the application, you will also need to attach the following documents: reasons why the bursary should be given to you, CV and contact details, certified copies of recent academic reports, proof of registration from the institution, certified copy of identity documents, and proof of parents’ income. For more info about Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, visit

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4 thoughts on “Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Bursaries

  1. It’d be a pleasure if I was to receive this bursary so that I can go and study next year as I was not able to study this year

  2. Tourism is my favourite subject and I’m doing very well with it and I’d love to continue with it next year but my parents are not working I would love to have a financial support and by so doing you’ll not be disappointed
    Thank you in advance

  3. I completed my matric last year(2015),I didn’t go to varsity due to financial problem… I am an orphan I live with my sister only. I would be happy If you give me this bursary to further my education

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