CETA Bursaries

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  • Aug 30, 2016

ceta bursaries


The Construction Education and Training Authority or CETA for short was made because of the promulgation of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998 in April 2000. Its main purpose is to improve the training and develop skills of construction – especially to develop South African’s human resources. Since CETA is a large organization, it offers bursary though there are certain requirements if you want to be eligible for bursary. First, you need to have the Senior Certificate or matriculation, complete one or more years of study at known institution, and the citizen of South African. The value of the bursary includes consideration of residence/accommodation needs under some circumstances, the bursary will also cover fees such as tuition fees, course material, and prescribed books. However, if a student repeats a year of study, it will no longer be covered by the bursary. The closing date of the bursary registration is 31st August. For more information about the CETA, visit http://www.ceta.org.za/core-business/project-management/policies/bursary-policy/.

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  1. I am finishing my degree this semester and i was accepted to study a Bachelor of Art Honours in Applied Ethics so i am wondering if there is any funding available for postgraduate studies

  2. Hi my name is Dikeledi Zuma, I’m currently 17 years old and I’m in college but my biggest problem is that I need help with my school funding my mother can’t afford and it’s hard for her to cope taking care of me and my siblings and my college is quite far from home and I need to find accommodation but again I don’t have the money to afford it. I would really appreciate your help. My contact my is 081 457 5275

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