WCED Bursaries

wced bursaries

Have you ever heard of the WCED bursaries before? In fact, this programme is one of the best bursaries that you can find in the South Africa. It is a state-funded bursaries for young and talented south african with a great academic performance. WCED stands for the Western Cape Education Department. Annually, the government of the Western Cape has been giving a lot of bursaries for a lot of south african people. So, do you think that you deserve a chance in this bursaries? If you do, then here is some more information about the bursaries that you might want to know. Take a look.

Knowing More About WCED Bursaries

The first business that we have to know about the WCED bursaries is the study field that the committee of the bursaries offer. In fact, there are a lot of the study fields that you can apply during your study financed by this bursaries. You can take either degree or diploma qualification for it. You can take financial management, accounting, financial management, auditing, management systems, human resource management and even public management. This bursaries is also quite comprehensive because it covers almost all the things that you are going to need during your study in the university. It covers the residence fees, tuition fees, and even study materials required by your major.

Requirements Needed To Apply For WCED Bursaries

The next thing that we have to know well about the bursaries is the requirements of the applicant. In order to be able to apply for this bursaries, you have to be a south african and a permanent employee of the Western Cape Education Department. You also need to be able to meet all of the qualifications and requirements needed by the university that you are applying for and work part-time during your study to the WCED. You also cannot receive any other scholarships from both government institution or private ones. During your application, you will be required t fill in the application and write the estimated cost of your study. Make sure that you are being reasonable of the whole expenses that you are going to spend during your study. Once you do not, then it will make your candidacy fail. You also need to get a recommendation of your supervisor to pursue your education in the application form. So, if you are interested and wishing to know more about the WCED bursaries, then you can find it at: http://wced.pgwc.gov.za/circulars/minutes15/CSminutes/ehrm4_15.html.

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